Cannabis-based Products

Industrialized products that require Sanitary Authorization by Anvisa, intended for medicinal purposes, containing plant derivatives (exclusively) or phytopharmaceuticals of Cannabis sativa as actives.

Tetrahydrocannabinol should make up no more than 0.2 percent of them, and cannabidiol (CBD) should be the primary component (THC).

THC-containing products may be marketed as long as they are only to be used as palliative care for patients who have run out of other treatment options and who are in irreversible or fatal clinical circumstances.

Pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based goods are available for human consumption. Quality and security of cannabis products are the responsibility of the business holding the sanitary authorization.

Plant extracts have a complex composition and may contain many active substances that can act through different mechanisms in the human body, which makes the control and monitoring applied to these products even more important.

There is also the process of verifying the absence of contaminants that may exist in plant extracts, which is carried out in detail by the manufacturing company and verified by Anvisa. In this way, we can guarantee the safe use of our products.

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