Who we are

Ease Labs is a multinational group focused on the distribution and development of natural health solutions.

We are currently focused on producing cannabis-based products, becoming one of the first industries on Brazil to produce locally. But we go further.

We were created with a broader goal in mind than the usual market, which comes from large corporations or family groupings. That purpose is to improve everyone’s quality of life and level of health.

To increase our technological expertise, we rely on strategic partners. Brazil, Latin America, North America, and Europe are where you can find them. In this way, we managed to have a complete synergy between our mission, vision and value, as well as a robust and innovative production chain.

So that we can follow our purpose, we use agile, innovative models, with a young and modern team.

We are facing a new logic and understanding of human beings about health. It is in this scenario that Ease Labs emerges in a pioneering, intense and comprehensive way.

It is crucial to constantly stay up to date with scientific developments when developing new natural goods and using their substances.

Therefore, we invest heavily in pharmacotechnical development and in partnerships with research institutes in Brazil and abroad.

In this spirit, we affirm that we are the NEW pharmaceutical industry, adhering to the trends of the natural market and modern society.


Transform the way we treat and promote health through disruptive, natural and innovative solutions.


To be a global leader in the field of cannabis and other disruptive natural solutions, redefining the concept of human health.

Consulting board

Gonzalo Grillo — Managing Director at

Alvarez & Marsal | Next VC (Advisor/investor)

Vitor Bertoncini — Marketing Director at Raia Drogasil (Advisor)

ALF Participações — Venture Capital (Advisor/investor)

João Consorte — CEO at MacCann Health (Advisor)

Guilherme Barsaglini Leite — Director Healthcare Latam at A&M (Advisor)

Carlos Caixeta — Board Member and Consultant (Advisor/Investor)

Impacto Hub — Asset Management (Advisor/investor)

Luiz Francisco Pianowski — Presidente Kyolab Pesquisas Farmacêuticas