Business Area

Production of original medicines – Our Core Business

As the first business unit, Ease Labs has a portfolio of Cannabis products and will begin commercialization at the beginning of 2022.

During the same year, a complementary line of innovative herbal medicines will be developed for commercialization in the second semester of the year.

Production of medicines and supplements Manufacturing for customers or CMO

Ease Labs produces vitamins and medications for other people due to its industry’s high production capability.

A line of liquids and a solid (hard gelatin capsule) are now approved for manufacture.

A line of semi solids for dermocosmetics is under development, and will be certified in 2022.

Product Development

Ease Labs provides Cannabis product creation, analysis, and registration solutions for other businesses as a pioneer and expert in the cannabis sector.

Additionally, it provides a Co-lab with businesses in other industries (beverages, cosmetics, wellness, etc.) to help them get ready to integrate the market with natural products, particularly cannabis.

Quality analysis and control

Ease Labs has a complete laboratory, capable of performing various analyzes on inputs, intermediate products and final products (drugs or food supplements).

Import and sale of supplies and Medicines

Ease Labs imports and sells supplies and medicines, whether regulated by COLLEGIATE BOARD RESOLUTION – RDC344 (products that require special control) or not.