Rafaela Xavier

A pharmacist with a graduate degree in Quality Control for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Yellow Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma applied to quality control laboratories, she has solid experience in the technical area of ​​the pharmaceutical industry, with 14 years of experience, having worked for multinational and national companies in the field, such as Medley, which belongs to the Sanofi Aventis group, Bristol Meyers-Squibb and Hipolabor Pharmaceuticals, with a central focus on warranty and quality control – physicochemical and microbiological aspects, analytical development and validation, and stability, with interface with the production, validation and regulatory areas. As the head of the technical area of ​​Ease Labs, Rafaela was mainly responsible for the re-certification of the industry, construction and implementation of a unique quality management system and internalization of specific technical know-how in the industry.