Maurício Couto

Chemical engineer graduated from PUC-RS and postgraduate in marketing from UFRGS. Experience with more than 25 years of work in sales and team leadership predominantly in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Novartis Biosciences and with experience at BBraun and HealthMeds.

Great relational skills, with strong access to the public and private market, both in launching products and in placement and direct sales to institutions throughout the national territory. Technical knowledge and important functional skills are in the markets of diabetes, hypertension (CHF), neurosciences, orthopedics, rheumatology, and in the last 3 years as commercial director for products derived from cannabinoids by Health Meds in the structuring and development of the entire commercial area.

Highlighted in the implementation of the therapeutic guidelines protocol of the Alzheimer’s program throughout the national territory with the main AD reference centers, using the Exelon product, which made it Novartis’ top-selling product. As a regional manager in the leadership of the neurosciences sales force recognized as the best in this segment by the medical profession by Novartis, in addition to launching products in important market segments such as Diabetes (Galvus) and Hypertension (the entire Diovan line in regional leadership/Novartis) and ICC (Entresto)