Who we are

Ease Labs is a multinational group focused on the distribution and development of natural health solutions.

We are one of the first industries in the country to locally produce cannabis-based products. But let's go further.


Transform the way we treat and promote health through disruptive, natural and innovative solutions.


To be a global leader in the field of Cannabis and other disruptive natural solutions, redefining the concept of human health.


Check out our products

Cannabis-based Products

Cannabis sativa products according to Anvisa regulation, intended for medicinal use.

Herbal Medicines

Product obtained from plant raw material, with prophylactic, curative or palliative purpose.


Healthy products that can provide a better quality of life for our consumers.


How it works

After being approved by Anvisa, cannabis products are offered at pharmacies and drug stores. To gain access, you need to talk to the doctor responsible for your treatment and purchase one of the two types of prescription. Learn more